simultaneous interpreting services

interpreting3Below is simultaneous interpreting services procedure:

  1. What date and time did you receive the material to be simultaneously interpreted (ideally 3 calendar days in advance)
  2. How would you find it the material of simultaneous interpreting, in terms of degree of difficulties, new terminology, etc
  3. How many keynote speaker using Indonesia, and how many speaker using foreign language (Mandarin/English) for simultaneous interpreting services
  4. How many participants speak Indonesia, and how many speak foreign language (Mandarin/English)
  5. How many headsets for simultaneous interpreting services
  6. Have you carefully informed all keynote speakers through Organizing Committee that Speaker MUST well aware that Presentation, Speeches accompanied by Interpreter, should allow adequate time for us to interpret as most Source languages (English, Japan, Korea, Mandarin) will be 2 to 3 times longer words / time spoken in Bahasa.
  7. For Indonesian Speaker, interpreter will need longer time to interpret into target (non-mother tongue) language
  8. Did you sit in soundproof interpreter booth/cubicle and have direct view to the keynote speaker and equipped with Headset and Microphone. Does it have Mute Button and/or switch channels from one source language to another
  9. Did you hear whizzing or other interfere noise, disrupting you heard directly from keynote speaker
  10. Did the table you sit on have Panic Button to press, to activate warning light where speaker can see and slow down the speech
  11. Please do not shorten the long speech and participant for simultaneous interpreting services
  12. If point 11 occurred client probably wishes to cut off the agreed rate due to the quality of simultaneous interpreting services

Anindyatrans as the provider of simultaneous interpreting services for English Chinese Japanese Korean Thai and Arabic ready to serve your needs for simultaneous interpreting services including simultaneous interpreting system with experience simultaneous interpreting services such conference of OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) with the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Indonesia and International Conference for Indonesian Government and Mining and Oil Company in Bali.